I’ve been tagged!!!

I’ve been tagged by Tiffany, and I’m thrilled because it’s the first time ever that I’ve been tagged in almost 2 years of blogging!

It’s a fun tag too. You have to go to your 6th photo folder and pick the 6th picture. This one I got is from our trip to England last year, though it feels like a lifetime ago. Wow! I actually was there once! This pic was taken in London. I have no idea whose statue that is, or what cool building is in the background. Oh! I just remembered! It’s Westminster Abbey, where my beloved Henry II, Harry to his friends, is buried. 
I tag Cristina, Aline, Adriana, Candice and Kady!!!!!


  1. yamile, mi hermano acaba de regresas de Londres y las fotos que me enseño son preciosas y los lugares son espectaculares!
    Todavia no estoy embarazada, creo que pronto empezaremos a encargar…jejejejej
    Gracias por ofrecerme tus libros y cuando te los pida prestados es sabras que estoy embarazada!

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