Hours away!!!

When I wake up in just a few hours, it will be World Cup time. One whole month of breathing, eating, dreaming futbol. I wish I were in South Africa. But even if mine is the only voice chanting in my neighborhood, I’ll always sing to the albiceleste and pray to all the angels of heaven for a victory, for the opportunity to join my voice to my fellow Argentines all over the world as we cheer for our guys. This will be Leo’s year. Juan Sebastian’s world cup. El Kun’s chance to showcase his magic. The Little Chief, Mascherano will make history. Romero, guarding our goal. May no balls breach our goal posts. Carlitos Tevez, the player of the people, will dance his magic steps on the field. Milito, The Titan Palermo, Heinze, all of our guys. This year, the blue and white will be victorious again. Diego, this is your chance to prove the world you can soar higher than in 1986, and be great again, even greater than in Mexico.
I’m so excited for this world cup I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight.

Long Live Las Provincias Unidas del Sur!!!!


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