The Sleeping Poet

51 years ago, one of the greatest musicians of the Spanish language was born. Gustavo Adrian Cerati. An illuminated mind who in the 80’s looked like a guy transported from the future.
I remember when my dad turned 26, (I was 5!), my mom gave him a cassette featuring the Argentine band Virus, and the brand new Soda Stereo, a trio formed by Gustavo, Zeta and Charly. I don’t know where that tape is, but its music is embedded in my mind. It weaved its notes around my life. Soda’s music is the soundtrack not only of my youth, but of my whole life.

On May 15th, 2010, after a concert in Colombia, Gustavo suffered severe brain hemorrhage due to high blood pressure. He never woke up. Sleeping Poet. I can’t imagine music without him. Wake up, Gustavo. It’s your birthday.


  1. covnitkepr1 says:

    Really is sad.
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