Sunday, 12 November 2006

This pic is to remember beautiful summer days.
What a lazy day!!!!!! Winter is finally here, and today we stayed home ALL day. I did laundry, changed the hangers (I got rid of all the children’s plastic hangers), surfed the internet, made phone calls, made a pizza, took a nap, surfed the net some more, worked on editing pictures, worked on the blog … So even though I’ve been here all day just chilling, I’ve also been quite productive. I just can’t believe the boys are coming back tomorrow. I just miss them horribly.
Yesterday I took Maga to Disney on Ice. We had a blast! The only bad thing was the drive back from SLC, traffic was horrible; I almost got hit once, and I just thank Heavenly Father for protecting me, my children and my mom, who was also with us.
So tomorrow we’ll go to church and wait to go pick up the boys at the airport; I don’t even know what time they’re arriving.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    wow…..good idea to have a blog. You all are so cute…….how was the trip. I can’t imagine how you are surviving the itching. That’s so great that you are having another girl…..I was thinking about you the other day wondering when you were due.

    luv you guys!!

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