Thursday, 16 November 2006

Jeff and Juli came back Sunday afternoon, and I was so excited to see them. Maga has been another girl since they’ve been back; she’s a lot more cooperative and happy. So I think her anti-daddy thing was her way of expressing her anger at not going with them. Julian thinks he’s a big boy now; he even started drinking from “real” glasses instead of plastic cups … My little boy will be six this coming Saturday, and I can’t believe time has gone by sooooooo fast. I’ve been having a constant “deja vu” these last few days preparing for “Sadie’s” birth; it seems like yesterday that I was waiting for Juli. It must be because it’s the same time of the year.
I saw my midwife today, and we decided to start the induction next Wednesday, when I’ll officially turn 37 weeks. I already have my birthing tub and homebirth kit ready. I was thinking we would start the day after Thanksgiving, but she thinks that if my body is not quite ready to give birth, a more gradual approach would work better. So we’ll start with the folley catheter, and then the swiping of membranes, and if needed she’ll resort to Cytotec, which I’m very much wanting to avoid. I’ve been taking Evening Primrose Oil and Saturday I’ll start listening to my Baby Come Out CD, and the other Hypnobabies CD’s for Birthing Time. I’m very grateful because both my doula, Laura, and Suzanne, my midwife, have been extremely supportive and understanding with this ICP thing. I was just telling Jeff that the itching feels like when you go into the ocean and the salt dries out on your skin and then you put a semi-wet sandy T-shirt on. I think he kind of got an idea.
Today I ordered the turkey, but I’d be very surprised if the induction takes more than 24 hours and I get to have Thanksgiving dinner.
We’ll see what happens.
Here are some pictures of my boys in the zip line in Puerto Vallarta. Juli was so brave!!!!!! I’m proud of my little man.

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  1. Tamra says:

    Good luck Yamile! I hope everything goes well for you!!!

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