Thursday, 21 December 2006

Julian is a beautiful, intelligent, gentle soul. It’s very obvious that I would say that, as I’m his mom, but it’s really neat when other people (other than Jeff and my parents) say the same thing. Last week, the teacher’s aid at school told me that he had the biggest fan’s club of all. At first I didn’t know what she meant, but then she explained to me that all 9 girls from his classroom are in love with him. And she went on and on telling me what a sweet boy Julian is, what a great helper, how willing to help, how respectful … And she congratulated Jeff and me on doing such a great job in raising him. And on Tuesday, he had a talent show at school (his talent was soccer, and he demonstrated how to kick the ball), and two moms told me the same thing, about how respectful and obedient and sweet. Right before we left, his teacher, Mrs. Beck, repeated everything the other ladies had said, and added how happy she was that he was willing to translate for Melissa, a little girl from Mexico who doesn’t speak a lot of English yet. I can’t take any credit for that because he has such a wise soul. I’ve always said that he has the gaze of an old spirit, that his eyes look so wise and old. He already came like he is now; Jeff and I have just provided a home, and yes, we try to teach him and his siblings, but they’re the ones who teach us.

So in honor to my little big boy, I dedicate him this day’s entry and I post some pictures of him.

Te quiero tanto Julian, mi amor tan puro y perfecto. Nunca te olvides de ser quien sos.

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