Wednesday, 3 January 2007

So 2006 is gone, and we have a brand new year to enjoy. I’m very excitd because today my friend Tamra sent us the proofs of the pics she took of our family a few days ago, and they’re absolutely gorgeous! She even made a slideshow with them. Here’s the link

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. We spent Christmas Eve day with Jeff’s sister and her family, and then that night we went over to neighbor’s. They’re fromPuerto Rico, so we celebrated in Latin with pernil, arroz con gandules, pan dulce, etc. We had an awesome time. This year was extra special because we had Areli, our little angel.

The thing that I don’t like of a Winter Christmas, besides the snow, is that the kids go back to school the day after New Year Day!!!! That’s terrible. It makes the Holidays seem so much shorter. Oh well! I’m just waiting for Juli to come back from school. He’s trying the school bus again today, to see of he likes it. If he doesn’t, I’ll just pick him up again every day.

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