Wednesday, 24 January 2007

We have been having such a cold winter this year!!!! I can’t stand it anymore. We don’t go anywhere, even when there’s sunshine because I feel like I will shrink to invisibility if I go out in this weather. When I go to the store, Iris, my dear friend, comes over to watch the kids so I don’t have to take everyone with me. And it’s only January …
At least all the catalogs we receive have beautiful pictures of Spring time picnics and celebrations, sun-drenched beaches and tanned people, that I feel Spring is really just around the corner.
Last week Jeff’s brother and his family came over to spend a couple of days with us. That day we went out to lunch, and on the way i got a flat tire–a destroyed tire to be exact. Well, my car has 24 in. wheels, and are custom made. So a 8 days later, I’m still without a car; and all for a flat tire. The costumer service we got at the dealer was dreadful, and Jeff and I agree that people who hate their jobs are horrible at costumer service; they irradiate unhappiness.
I’ve been having some hard last few days, just because of the weather and because Areli has been very fussy. Last week, when we got the flat tire and were out all day, we all got colds. The cod liver oil must be working very well because the cold only lasted for two days. But Areli hasn’t been her happy self lately. Today we had a doctor’s appointment and she has grown tremendously, and the doctor said that she’s looking very well. However, she suggested I stop consuming dairy for a while to see if that helps at all. So we’ll see.
Today Joaquin didn’t want to wear diapers; silly me forgot to put one on after dinner and had to endure horrible consequences. Luckily I own a steamer and could clean up in a breeze. I’ll have to remember this day in the future.
I’ll have to continue another day. The boss is up from her nap…

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