Wednesday, 7 February 2007

It’s not even 9 pm, but I’m so exhausted, that I feel it’s midnight. The thing is yesterday never ended … Yep, we never slept at all, and today was another marathonic chapter of crying Joaquin. His allergies are VERY bad, and now we have to be more careful with his diet because his lungs were whizzy and his eczema was out of this world. Yesterday I took him to his Dr., whom I love by the way, and she said it will take a while for the eczema to go away, but to be patient and try to heal it from the inside out. Crying 1
I don’t know how this little boy can keep going without sleeping, and the way he screams … I just cry with him. I’m completely tired; I don’t even have the energy to plan his birthday party. So my only consolation is to have some mates by myself, and I could really do with some quiet time. For now I’ll just pretend I’m in Culebra.

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One response to “Finally some mates!!!!”

  1. Tamra says:

    Oh you poor thing. You know I know exactly how you feel! {{{HUGS}}} Food allergies STINK!

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