Wednesday, 21 February 2007

I had just written a long and detailed account of these last few days, and I lost it all!!!! I hate it when it happens!

I’ll start with Jeff:

  • He’s been working out a lot. He had an evaluation today and he could left 300 lbs! He’s stronger and trimmer and looking good!
  • He had our garage finished, complete with crown and floor moldings and nice epoxy floors. Iris asked if we had laid carpet in there!


  • I’ve been very busy trying to make foods everyone can eat. I actually have a few receipes that are VERY good.
  • I read “La Isla de los Amores Infinitos” about Cuba, and I loved it. I’m now reading “Ines del Alma Mia” by Isabel Allende, and it’s cautivating. A couple of weeks ago I read “The Kite Flyers”, a beatiful story about Afghanistan, but so sad, and a few of the episodes so disturbing, that I was a little depressed, until I read “La Isla…”


  • He’s also reading a lot! And he’s doing a very good job!
  • He had his Valentine’s Party at school, and he was so excited that I got to plan it and actually go and help in his classroom. It was very sweet how all the kids asked me how to say things in Spanish, especially “Hola” and their own names. Some were dissapointed it was the same in English and Spanish. LOL.
  • I enrolled him for guitar lessons today. He’s so grown up!


  • My best friend!
  • She’s also reading a lot, and especially writing. We got her a Doodle Bear for Valentine’s, and she’s very excited she can write on it!


  • He had a horrible cough for like three weeks, but the Dr said it was viral. The cough is gone but his eczema is really bad. I’m going to try a tratment called NAEt for allergies. Some people have been cured of their food allergies. He’s allergic to dairy, wheat (luckily he can eat other gluten grains like spelt and barley), refined sugar, food coloring, household chemicals (no paper diapers for him), beef (he can eat “clean” meats, that is, no hormones or chemicals added), and dust. The main reason I don’t want to travel anywhere is because I wonder what we’ll do about the food. So I’ll try this thing, which is a chiropractic treatment and pray that it will cure him. I’m sure everyone in our family has a type of food allergies, and even in our extended family there are extreme allergies to nuts, cases of migraines, digestive problems, etc. It’s all in the food.
  • He turned 2 on the 10th!!!!!!!!!!!!! My baby bear is a joy, but sometimes he doesn’t even know if he’s a baby or a big boy. He had a Backyardigans party and we all had a wonderful time. We are all hooked to the Backyardigans (a kids’ show from Nick Jr) because their music is entoxicating! They use all kinds of rythms, salsa, ska, polka, rock, tango, you name it! They even had an episode with the music of Mexican quebraditas! We love them!


  • She was also very sick too. The Dr had me take her to the hospital to check her blolod oxygen level. It was 100 %. I literally ran out of the hospital!!!!!
  • She’s smiling a lot and cooing.
  • She can hold her head pretty well, and she’s not even 3 months old!
  • She had her very first Valentine’s and she got a new bouncer seat. She loves it.
  • she had her ears pierced!


  • He’s starting dog obedience classes tomorrow. It’s our last hope to help him be more normal. Julian and I watched “The Dog Whisperer” on the Discovery Channel once, and we realized there still is hope for him.

Well, I know I missed a lot of things, but I’m tired and it’s almost midnight. Tomorrow I’m going to regret staying up late, but I love this quiet time of the day, even though I also love to hear my kids playing, laughing, and yes, even fighting sometimes.

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