Saturday, 10 March 2007

I really want to post every week, but the days just slip by so fast!!!! My baby is growing super fast. She’s three monhts already, and tomorrow will be her baby blessing at church. Magali has to give a talk in primary, so she’s VERY excited that her cousins will get to see her.
Julian started his guitar lessons last Monday, and he loves it! It’s only 30 minutes each week, but he practices every day. He looked really cool with his worn out jeans, long hair and guitar. Jeff and I looked at each other and said, “Let’s not complain if he turns into a rock star.” Head Banger
I’m doing lots better now that Joaquin is a littler happier. We’re trying this new allergy ellimination treatment, and so far we’re awed by the results. The first treatment was for eggs ad chicken, and the rash on his face and legs vanished. He’s nose is still very stuffy though, but we’re confident that once he’s treated for dairy and grains, he’ll start improving even more.
I promise to post some pics of my sweet Areli in her blessing gown. What a sweet and relaxed baby she is! The only time she gets upset is when there’s a lot of noise or shouting around her; otherwise she’s as peaceful as can be.

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