Friday, 16 March 2007

I hadn’t planned to post today, but I have a few minutes, and everyone is in bed…
Joaquin did the calcium treatment at the chiro last Tuesday. It’s amazing how hard it was to keep him away from all calcium containing products–vegetables, almonds, flours, etc. and that’s even without counting milk and its derivates. I really hope it worked.
Julian has been very sick this week; I took him today to the doctor. It’s the first time he’s been sick enough to go to the doctor in three years. He had a very bad stomachache and diarrhea. My poor little man; he tries so hard to be brave and help me, that he wouldn’t tell me when he went to the bathroom, and he’d lock the door. I totally respect his desire for privacy, but I still wanted the door to be unlocked in case he needed me. I heard him crying in the bathroom this morning, and it broke my heart. i can’t see him like this. He went to bed at 8, and he hasn’t been up to go to the bathroom. We still don’t know what caused it, but it could be a plain old virus, or a bacterial infection from an absessed tooth that he had a couple of weeks ago. Oh! I can’t believe I haven’t posted the first tooth fairy visit to our house! It wasn’t the loose tooth that he’s had for weeks now, but that molar that was infected. He had a filling done back in December, right after Areli was born, but he didn’t cooperate much. That’s why the dentist couldn’t take out all of the cavity, and the tooth got infected. But well, we had a little box ready for ther tooth fairy, and when I asked him how much money he expected him (his tooth fairy is a boy) to bring, he said, “100 dollars!” Jeff and I laughed so much! Back in the day we only got $1, and that was pesos for me. And Argentine pesos to boot! Or was it Australes back then? I don’t know. Well, he got $7, and then at my mom’s he got $5. Lucky him!
I know I had promised to post some pics of Areli’s blessing (she was gorgeous by the way), but silly me, Monday I was trying to set a password for our internet (we think someone might be using it, and not for good, clean purposes), and I locked the computer! Both computers actually, so we don’t know how to get passed the ALT+CTRL+DEL screen. I’m using Jeff’s laptop now, but I’m pretty upset because all our family pictures are in my laptop … Hopefully someone at Jeff’s work will be able to fix it.
Pat (my dear MIL), sorry we didn’t say Happy Birthday on Sunday, we had planned on calling again the next day, and then we didn’t have a computer until yesterday when to my horror I realized it was the 14th and we had missed your birthday. So here it goes “Happy Birthday!” I’m so lost in time; I don’t even know what day of the month it is. I just can’t believe we’re in the middle of March!
Yesterday we all had haircuts, except for Jeffrey and Areli, of course. We had to fix Maga’s hair because Isabella had cut it shoulder length a few days ago. I also got some copper highlights, and I really like it. Jeff wasn’t so thrilled about the color, he likes the natural look he said, but I’m happy with it.
Well, I’m going to bed. I really need to sleep.

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