Monday, 30 April 2007

Spring has finally arrived! Boy have we enjoyed these last few days, in spite of the kids having pinkeye though… It could be an allergy to all the dandelion seeds, and pollen flying about. But anyway, we’ve been enjoying the warm weather. Julian has been a chef, a doctor and a movie director this last week. When he was a chef he invited friends over for toast. He even gave an invitation to our elderly neighbor. The days he was a doctor, he made charts for everyone in the family, stating name and body part, including the cutest drawings you’ve ever seen. I tried very hard not to laugh out loud when he said my arms needed improvement–I have too many moles (they’re only three very tiny ones). My feet also need a pedicure real bad, he said.
Jeff didn’t pass the mole inspection either, hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!
Saturday was a very challenging day for us. We started on a happy note; he scored twice in his soccer game, and when he came back home he took Coco out for a walk. Then he and Isabella cleaned the garage, and they tied Coco’s leash to the garage door so that he wouldn’t run away… Isa went back home for lunch, and Juli wanted the garage to dry, so he opened the garage door, and maybe you can guess what happened next…I ran when I heard him screaming, but when Jeff and I got to him, Coco was gone. oh my gosh! That little boy cried so much, that both Jeff and I were both crying with him. Coco’s little body limp in Jeff’s hands. The door had stopped halfway up because of the tangled up leash, so I jumped and I pulled it down. Jeff told me to take Julian inside. He kept calling, “Coco, oh Coconut! You’re my favorite friend!” All of a sudden I heard Jeff’ calling my name, and when I went out into the garage he asked me call the vet; and I saw the miracle. Coco was back! he was alive! He was so weak he could hardly move, but when he saw Julian he went to him and lay down on his feet. Our sweet crazy Coco. We took him to the vet, and miraculously he was alright, crazy as ever.
Everytime we thought about it though, Juli and I would cry. We just thanked Heavenly Father ove and over. After all, it was a great weekend.

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