Saturday, 2 June 2007

Last week was my friend Iris’ 80th birthday. Barbara, her daughter and my neighbor, organized this beautiful surprise party for her. The backyard looked beautiful, all in purple and mango (Iris’ favorite color). I know purple and orange is not an usual combination, but it looked gorgeous! Iris felt like a quinceanera she said. She was very emotional. Here are some pics:

In the first one is Adriana, our nanny and Iris’ granddaughter with the love of her life, “Joaquin.” Then there’s a picture of my friend and me, and then is Iris with Barbara. My gift was the cake (delicious, from Dippidee’s).

Magali finished preschool. It was a sad day because we’ve had someone going to Tina’s preschool for three years. I told her to enjoy this yearlong break to get ready for Joax! Here’s Maga on her last day of school:Julian also graduated from Kindergarten. Mrs Beck was great; he really loves her. They had a beautiful program at school. Last night he woke up and said he already missed his school. He’s not going back next year because he’ll go to Pinnacle Learning Center in Lindon. Here’s some pictures:

Both Maga and Juli have started the baseball season. Maga t-ball, and Juli coach pitch. Maga looks like a princess with her pink mitt and cleats! She hustles with the boys to get the balls and bats with fury. I’m very happy that we decided to sign her up; she really needed to be part of a team. Julian looks so grown up playing baseball! He loves it.

Joaquin had his NAET grain treatment today. I’m very excited about it because I can see a big difference in his skin and behavior. He’s potty training and doing great at it. He’s dry all night, and even though he has “accidents” I’m confident he’ll be diaper free before the end of the summer. Here are some favorite shots of him

And now about my gorda; she’s 6 months old!!!!!! OMGosh! She wants to eat solid foods very badly, but I want to talk to our Dr. first. I want to try something different this time. With the other three I started them with rice cereal, and all of them, as soon as they started that stopped gaining weight. I don’t believe that weight has much to do with being healthy, but those legs!!!! They’re so chubby and scrumptious! Her diapers and covers won’t fit anymore, so I got her new ones ( I had a good excuse 🙂 I love the Little Beetles because the natural wool is so cool in the summer, and it won’t leave marks on her (again) chubby legs. She’s an angel baby, and I can’t say that enough. So calm and content; she never cries (except when Joaquin hits her accidentally of course). I’m in love with these kids; they’re so beautiful.

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