Thursday, 5 July 2007

I can’t believe it’s July 5th already! Today is my nephew Ciro’s 5th birthday. He’s such a brilliant little boy; beautiful like his father my dear, dear brother Lalo. Julian looks so much like him that I call him Lalo several times a day. Maga has become “Bele”, my sister. We’ve been fighting so much lately that I feel like I’ve gone back to the past, to those old fights with my sister. I wish we could at least fight like we used too. But having lived so far from each other for so long has turn our conversations into pleasantly polite exchanges that don’t resemble at all the fearful fights we had for years. Even though we fought like cats, we were the best of friends. How I miss her! Belen is expecting her third October Baby, and my mom just told me she just started having ICP symptoms! If it is ICP, it’ll be her first time.
On a different note, Jeff is in Guatemala visiting his parents. I miss him a lot! Yesterday we were IMing and I teared up when I was reading his messages! I should be used to his trips, but I think it’s worse when he’s out of the country. Jeff is you’re reading this please know that we love you and we miss you, and sorry for breaking the glass of your Michael Jordan jersey. I was doing laundry today and I don’t know how it happened but when I reached for the hamper, it fell on me and the glass cracked and it broke completely. I’ll get it fixed! Perdon negro fue totalmente sin querer!!!!!!!!
Today I had another incident with glass: I was having my brakfast chocolate milk when I felt something crunchy in my teeth; it was a piece of glass that had broken off the cup!!!! I don’t know how it happened, but I’m terribly happy I didn’t swallow it.
Changing the subject again, yesterday we had a wonderful day. We went to Provo Liberty Days with my dad (we didn’t make it on time for the parade), and the kids had a blast even though it was scorching hot. We had some quiet time in the afternoon, and later my parents came over for a barbecue complete with jello salad, corn-on-the-cob and watermelon. I had bought some fireworks at Costco, and the kids had a lot of fun watching my dad lighting them. Barbara’s family came back from a party just on time for fireworks. I was so fun to watch our kids, my little ones and her teenage ones, run for each other!!!!! I’m super happy we’re such good friends with them. They’re like family.
My Maga is 4 going on 15. We’ve been fighting so much because she tells everyone “I hate you very much” when she gets mad. She doesn’t even know what that word means, but it sounds terrible when she says it. I noticed that her behavior changes a lot when Jeff is gone. On the other hand, Joax’s behavior has changed dramatically for better. He’s a different boy from the one who went to Argentina with me last year. I know he’s a lot more mature, but also the NAET treatment has helped him a lot. We’re almost done, and I think I’ll start after we finish with his sessions.
Areli has been eating avocado, squash, and pears, and the ocasional coconut sorbet that Joax feeds her when I’m not looking.
I’m going to go back to laundry, and I’m sure Jeff will call tonight to discuss the jersey issue. At least it was just the glass and not the jersey per se…
Juli’s passport is not here yet, and we’re leaving for London in ONE weel. Fortunately, Barbara talked to Senator Hatch’s secretary, and now the passport is on its way on a FedEx plane. We should get it tomorrow by 10:30.
My Areli is calling for MORE FOOD, so I better go.

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