Saturday, 7 July 2007

Today was very hot, but we still braved the heat and we went to Lavender Days in Mona, Ut; which is about 40 miles from Highland. Barbara drove with her kids, Gabi, Adriana and Isa, and I, of course, took my four little friends. I wish we had known about this festival before; it was beautiful. They had like a pioneer village, a medieval village with a jousting stadium (for lack of a better word), all kinds of food stands, and of course, lavender everywhere. Lavender ice-cream (YUMMY!), vinegar, oils, wreaths, salad dressing, etc.
We came back home like at 9:30, and we were soooooooo dirty. It was very windy and dusty, so combined with the heat, you can imagine how dirty we all were. We had a wonderful time.
Jeff, here’s the pictures you wanted me to post.
WE GOT JULI’S PASSPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so thrilled about it. now I can finally enjoy these days before the trip.

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