Tuesday, 14 August 2007

I know; it’s been forever since I started the trip summary, and I only made it to Oxford. It’s so sad, but when I was on the actual trip, and visit all this gorgeous places, I’d think, “I’ll write this in my blog…” and compose these stylish and poetic sentences in my mind. A month later they’re all gone. But here are the pics, which Jeff says are the most important of all.
Also, I wanted to post pictures from the Highland Parade. Joaquin was voted Highland King in

their baby contest, so he and Jeff got to ride a train in the parade. The kids were ecstatic their baby brother had won the contest. Last year they were very bummed he hadn’t won. “How come they don’t see how beautiful he is!” Juli kept asking. Areli won the Baby Gerber award. I heard a little girl tell her mom, “Did you see that baby? If he (their baby boy) is competing agaisnt her, we don’t have a chance. She’s gorgeous!” I guess a winner in the family is enough.

Summer is coming to a close so very fast; and the kids start school next Monday!

Oh well…Actually, I’m very excited Halloween is only 6 weeks away!

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