Saturday, 25 August 2007

Yes, we took the big plung we had been planning ever since Juli was born, and today, 4 days after Juli started first grade, I got an exemption to homeschool! I did it! Julian is loving school, but he is gone from 9:00 am to almost 4:00 pm (that’s because of the bus ride. They get done at 3:30). Tuesday without him was endless! When he and Isa got off the bus, Isa said, “I thought we were going to come home at night!” Yes, they were gone all day…and he told me Wednesday they watched cartoons! (Franklin’s 1st day at school). He didn’t want to go Thursday because he wanted to play with his brother and sister and Coco (bless his heart!). We had planned on sending him on Fridays, but today when I talked to the principal, he said no. his reason? “No one has ever done it before”. Oh well! His teacher was VERY supportive, and even sent his books home, so we could use them. We agreed on switching him to the morning class, and having him stay at school until 11. I’m very excited because I just read this book called “The Well Trained Mind” , by Susan Wise bauer and Jessie Wise. We’re going to follow their advise as fas as curriculum is concerned. I got the books today.
Magali had her kindergarten assessment, and she knew everything. She only needs to practice reading.
We are remodeling the two rooms on the main floor. The boys will go downstairs (the basement is almost finished), and the girls will be here on the main floor. So we’re painting and putting hardwood floors. Everything should be ready by next week. Right now the house is a mess, things everywhere, but it’s at least clean. We just have all the kids clothes on a chair in our room, and dust from the carpet that was removed. I’m trying to be patient with the construction. I know I’ll love the rooms, the floors, the bathrooms after they are finished. Now we all have very bad allergies; that is, all except for Joax! That’s a proof his naet treatment worked. I guess we’ll all be getting it this year. The treatment that is.
I just can’t believe we were in England a month ago. It’s like a dream. Waht a beautiful place!
Well, tomorrow we have two soccer games, and we’re coaching Juli’s. You should see Maga. She looks so healthy and full of life when she plays. She fills my heart with love. All four of them do. My gorda is just gorgeous. I can’t get enough of her.
One of the highlights of my day? When Juli’s teracher told me how bright he is. It’s something else when a stranger confims your feelings. Yes, he’s beautiful and smart, and tender and sweet.

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