Wednesday, 19 September 2007

I know! I haven’t posted for such a long time! I still have pictures from Maga’s 5th birthday party, Juli and Maga’s 1st day at school, Areli crawling, Joax going to the potty…! Yes, Joax is completely potty trained! Isn’t he amazing? A few days ago Jeff and I were saying it was about time we taught him how to go, and I did it. It took us about 3 days of accidents and constant reminders, but today, 2 weeks after we actively started taking him to the bathroom, he’s completely trained! Today at church I was a little worried, but he went when I asked him if he needed to go, and he was clean all day. Such a big boy that Joaquin. He’s talking so much now, and he’s the first kid in our family to be hooked to Mickey Mouse. He gets up every morning at 6:20 (like a little clock), and while I shower and get ready for the day he watches House of Mouse. He’s also learning his alphabet with some foam letters we’ve had in their bathtub forever. The other day he surprised Jeff by spelling “ROXY” from my t-shirt. His favorite letters are Y, X and W (which he calls B for some reason…)
Areli is getting just sooooooo big! I can’t believe it! She’s in love with Julian and Jeff. It’s funny how bashful she gets when they’re close to her. She and Joax hold scgreaming contests, which are VERY cute in spite of the loudness.
Maga was sent to time out on her third day of school. She cried when she told me about it. She only wanted to keep playing hopscotch, but it was carpet time…My free-spirited daughter…She’s like a fairy in every sense of the word, feisty, sweet, graceful, playful, stubborn…
I’ve had a HORRIBLE cough for about a week. I finally got brave and started the process for two molar implants I’ve needed for too long. I had to have a bone grafting, which wasn’t that bad…The kids stayed all day with my two wonderful friends Iris and Adriana, and then at night the three older ones went to my mom’s for delicious pizza, and chubby Areli stayed with Barbara. Jeff had a dinner at work, so I was all by myself. At first I slept as long as the anesthesia lasted, but after it wore out I was bored, until I remembered I COULD actually watch TV. From all the shows I could watch I chose an oldish movie called “Ladies in Lavender” about two spinster sisters who fall in love with a young man whose ship was wrecked by their cottage. Very sweet movie.
Well, I just wanted to pay a little tribute to talented Mary Schunemann who sadly passed away last September 9th. I was shocked to learn the news from Mothering Forum. Such a wonderful, talented, good person. I just pray that her two little angels may find comfort without their wonderful mother. I just love all of her CD’s, which we use at home every day. I’ve learned the lullabies for night time, work songs for cooking and cleaning, season songs, even songs is Spanish. She will always be remembered.

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