Friday, 12 October 2007

I just LOVE this time of the year! The crisp air, colorful leaves, the smell of apple pie, cold little hands on my face… We came back yesterday from North Carolina, where Julian and Magali were born, and where we went to welcome Jeff’s parents who just returned from their mission at the Guatemala Temple. We had a wonderful time, visiting with friends and cousins. They had so much fun with their cousins! It’s just so sad we live so far away from Jeff’s sister, his parents and my brother and sister–our kids don’t know each other.

Today we went to Cornbellys in Thanksgiving Point. Adriana and Isa went with us. It was a lot of fun! We went through a mini maze, on a hay ride, to a haunted creature (it looked like a dinosaur), the children played on the slides and trampolines…Julian paid for snacks; he feels like a man when he treats us. We didn’t get pumpkins today because we couldn’t carry all of our staff (diaper bag, coats, stroller, etc), so tomorrow when I go to Mitchell’s to get more apples for apple sauce, I’ll get the pumpkins. In Wondertime, the talented Catherine Newman shared some wonderful recipes that I want to try.
Oh my, I’m sooooo tired, but I’m making Areli’s stocking while I listen to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It’s amazing how I notice the differences between the English and the American versions of the book when I listen to it. The cds are of the American Version, and I’ve read the English one three times already. And yes, I know that I read it too many times, but like JK Rowling said, “How can you NOT find time to read?” I couldn’t agree with her more. So many books, so little time…
Here’s some pics from today. Enjoy.
PS: Now that Pat and Rafa are home, I hope someone reads this blog…

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  1. Tamra says:

    Hey, I always read your blog! 😉 I just haven’t been able to remember my blogger password so I couldn’t comment. hee hee

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