Friday, 2 November 2007

I love November 1st. I’ve always been very proud of having a birthday in November. I don’t know why, but it’s my favorite month of the year 🙂 This day also has a special connotation for me, since it’s the day I joined the LDS church 15 years ago. So it’s my second quinceanera in a kind of way. My niece was also baptized on Nov 1st, but 4 years ago…

Well, here are the Halloween pictures. I hadn’t realized how scary Juli looks in some of them. Or maybe I feel this way because I’m a little freaked out after reading some chapters of Eclipse in the Twilight trilogy. Never mind the invitation to Edward, handsome and charming or not. Hahahaha!!!!

We’re going on our annual cruise on Saturday morning and I haven’t packed a thing!!!! I really want to go, but since Jeff has been working like a mule lately, we haven’t worked much in decorating the basement. I’m ready to have everything finished and ready; this remodeling has lasted all year it seems.

In a fabulous blog that I read, and that you can find here, Beck was reminiscing on her great-grandmother, and that made me think of my paternal grandmother, Elena, who was Abuela China for me and my cousins. She wasn’t grandmotherly at all, but I loved her nevertheless–she was the only gandmother I knew. When I left Rosario to come to BYU, she cried. That was the first and only time I ever saw her get emotional, and it’s an image I’ll always carry in my heart. So, I think that today, All Souls day, (el Dia de los Santos), it’s fitting that I think of her and say a prayer on her behalf (that’s the Catholic education tugging at me) 🙂

Enjoy the pics!

Yes, that’s me. With short hair…

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One response to “All Souls Day”

  1. Beck says:

    Look at your beautiful trick-or-treaters!
    Have a fun cruise – it’s the perfect time of year to go, I think!

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