Saturday, 3 November 2007

We’re leaving for sunny Mexican Riviera in just 7 hours and Jeff hasn’t packed a thing. I have a dilemma here; on one hand, I promised him I wouldn’t pack his stuff at the last minute. He was to give me his things earlier today so that I could fold them and pack them for him. On the other hand, I know he’s totally exhausted; he’s sleeping in the couch. But I don’t know if he decided to go to sleep because he knows I’ll pack for him anyway, or because he really IS tired. So I think I’ll turn in a few minutes to be up on time for the packing marathon that awaits me. I really can’t do a thing more tonight.
I just wanted to relate a couple of episodes from today:
Since I was so totally exhausted from packing, nursing Areli, taking Joax to the bathroom, nursing Areli, reorganizing things, nursing Areli, I decided I wasn’t making dinner. We went to Rumbi’s, Island Grill, and Juli was so engrossed in his Magic Tree House book that he took it to the restaurant, and read while he ate, not paying attention to his squabbling siblings. I know, it’s not good manners to read while eating, but he was concentrating so hard that I couldn’t bring myself to correct him. He reminded me so much of myself at that age, that I got a little teary. I love it that my son loves to read already. I can’t wait for him to discuss books with me.
The other thing is, I think I have like a phobia to pedicures. I know, it’s weird. I have been planning to go get a pedicure for weeks now; I ask Iris or Adriana to please watch the kids, I tell Jeff I’ll be gone in for a couple of hours…and when it’s time to leave I just don’t go. There are excuses galore not to go, (I need a nap, I need to nurse Areli, Jeff’s parents are over for a visit after being gone on a mission for 2 years, etc), so I just pick one and I don’t go. I seriously needed something done to my feet though , so I just trimmed my toenails and polished them…red, of all colors, but it was the newest shade I have, just a couple of years old…I really hope nobody looks at my toes on the trip. Maybe I can arrange to have my feet done there…yes! That’s what I’ll do. See ya when I get back!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Tamra says:

    Wow! Have fun in Mexico!

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