Tuesday, 1 January 2008

I really wanted to start the year posting something, so here I am. Today my mother-in-law said that whatever we do on New Year Day, we’ll do the rest of the year. So, today I haven’t showered yet, we ate at Golden Corral for brunch (I hate that restaurant…), I made cookies, tried not to get mad at anybody, and been extremely lazy. I don’t know what that means.
Last night we went to my brother-in-law’s for his end of the year celebration. He used to travel all over the world because of his job, and he’s a superb cook. Tavel+superb cook=amazing international food. Last night he made mostly Caribbean dishes: empanadas, Costa Rican Tacos, pina colada soup, tostones, a salsa bar, cheese trays, flan, tres leches cake, etc. Yes, I ate a little of everything. Not to the point of bursting, but I ate a lot. As a consequence the few little hours I could sleep, I didn’t sleep well. Too much meat. I guess I’ll make a vegetable soup tonight.
The kids had a blast with their cousins. Swan Princess took art supplies to make paper purses with her little cousin; Gorgeous Boy played a lot of wii and ran all over their huge house; El Cangri clung to me all night and didn’t warm up to anybody until this morning; and Chubbers played with “the girls” all night. Once I peaked into my niece’s room, and when Chubbers saw me, she started screaming for me to go away…Yes, she’s growing up so fast…I also took my other baby, I mean, Swan Princess’ new baby, Dandelion (Dandi for short), a yorkie that she got from Santa.
Well, Gorgeous Boricua really wants me to be in training meeting with some friends. It’s about Agel, a vitamin product. I’ll post about it later…

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