Thursday, 10 January 2008

The children are in bed, the house is clean and quiet. How I love this time of the day!!!! I really savor every minute of my loneliness. As a child I loved being by myself in my room, reading, singing, thinking…Maga is a lot like that, and come to think of it, so is Juli. They both love to be in their rooms, their own worlds, playing or reading or coloring. The other two are the extreme opposites now because they have to be within touching distance to me. It is very tiring at times, but they grow so fast. In a few more months Joax will start preschool! When he was born Juli was in his first year of preschool; the years have just flown by like in a dream. But even though the two older ones are not babies anymore, they’re still so innocent and loving! Juli helped me clear the driveway this morning. We got pounded with snow, and today he missed school because the roads were horrible and I didn’t want to risk going out with that weather. But by 9, I had time to actually go out there and clear the driveway. My neighbor and his son (Juli’s best friend) gave me a hand, and so we finished in about 15 minutes. I think this is the first time I’ve had to clear the snow in the driveway. I don’t like driving in the snow, but eveything looks so beautiful and pristine when it’s all white, like in a postcard. I guess I’m getting older, I used to hate winter, but this Utah winters have won my heart. I love being home with my babies, doing chores while they play, baking treats, watching cartoons, missing school…I guess now I like the winters because I have comforts I didn’t while growing up: central heating, appropriate winter clothing, I don’t have to wait for the bus, I don’t have to be out in the cold…
And also I’m way more productive in the winter; I can do so many things! In the summer I just want to be outside and let the kids play all day.
Also I’m way more productive when Jeff’s gone. Yesterday and today for example, I did ALL the laundry and even ironed 13 articles of clothind (11 shirts and 2 dresses), I cleaned all the floors in the main level (It smells so clean and fresh in here now!), I cleared the snow in the driveway and sidewalk, I bathed Dandi the Yorkie, I took down the Chrsitmas tree and all the decorations, I cleaned all the floors in the basement. Made breakfast, lunch and dinner both days…I get tired just by listing everything! I guess I do more so I won’t miss him so much. 9 more days…Thanks goodness I have my little friends to keep me company. They’re the love and light of life.

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