Friday, 25 January 2008

Some of you know how generous and wonderful Santa Claus was last Christmas; especially with my daughter Princess Swan–she got a puppy. Her name is Dandelion Luna, Dandi for short, and she’s such a cutie. Dandi is a Yorkshire Terrier, and she’s a very good representative of her breed: beautiful teddy bear face, mellow personality, vivacity, loyalty, and a magnet for trouble maker El Cangri. Last Sunday we were getting ready to sing happy birthday to Gorgeous Boricua, and the phone rang. It was my beautiful sister in law with some questions about a vacation we went on last year. Just a few minutes into the conversation I heard Dandi cry, and when I opened Princess’ room door, there she was, Dandi showing me her hurt little paw. El Cangri was jumping on the bed, looking guilty about something. No one knows what happened really, but Dandi had 3 broken fingers (toes? I think fingers because they are the right front leg ones). Poor puppy! Luckily there’s a pet urgent care, with prices to guarantee a trip to the people’s urgent care because of a heart attack, and she only needed a cast, no surgery. Phew! I can’t imagine how much the surgery would have been! But you know what, this little puppy is already a member of our family. What else were we going to do?

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