Monday, 11 February 2008

Yes, Mr Cangri just turned three today, and he had such a great day. He got a Backyardingan’s book, coloring book, and a Play-Dough Set. He also got a Mickey Mouse book. Presents were very modest this year for two reasons: 1) We have all been VERY sick all week, and I didn’t venture out to shop until Saturday Evening. I went to Wal-Mart and of course, there was nothing there…Saturday nights at the store is like going to the store after a huge storm or catastrophe is announced; there’s nothing on the shelves. The good part is that you can tell people get ready for the Sabbath…
Well, reason 2) He doesn’t really need any more toys. I was going to order more wooden cars online, or an extra outfit for Pepe his doll, but I was just going to buy for the sake of it. so I decided not to. He was VERY excited with his presents, and he played all day with Swan Princess’ Pets.
I made a cake for him and my sister-in-law with her two children came over, which was so nice of her. Both set of grandparents called him, and we saw his baby pictures. He was a doll when he blew the candles; all bashful because He was the center of the attention. It was a very peaceful day; a good day to recover.
Recover from the aweful flu! Gorgeous Boricua got sick on Friday, but the fever didn’t start until Saturday. Sunday morning the two older children got fevers. Luckily (was it really just luck?) the two babies never got terribly sick. They just had a very mild fever, and then, of course, earaches. Swan Princess on the other haand had a fever of…gasp!, 105!!!! My poor little flaca didn’t complain at all while I watch her get thinner and more fragile every second. Gorgeous Boy had very high fevers too, and he also got nightmares: the one in which doctors chase him with laser beams, Scooby Doo, Dementors…With the dementors he was actually running away from them, which was oh! so creepy to see! And of course, like the man he is, and just like his father, he complained like he was dying, while my little Princess was burning up in complete silence…
On Tuesday I took them to the clinic, but the doctor didn’t have room to see all four of them, so they told me to take the two sicker ones. What a tough choice! At least it was only influenza.
I only had a runny nose and a sore throat, and mine was most likely due to the exhaustion. By the fifth night I couldn’t get up at all, and then my Prince took over and got up to take care of everybody.
It’s almost over, and tomorrow the kids will go to school…and I’ll get ready for Valentine’s Day and el Cangri’s birthday party!!!!!

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