Friday, 15 February 2008

First of all, Happy Valentine’s Day! There hasn’t been much romance in this household, but there’s been a lot of love. El Cangri and I baked cookies this morning, and he “wowed” and “ahhhhed” every time I rolled the dough and pressed the cookie cutters. He also cut the cookies, and did a splendid job at it. The most beautiful image of him is his little serious face trying not to make eye contact with me while sneaking a piece of cookie dough into his mouth. Every time I caught him, he’d try to redeem himself by offering some cookie dough to his baby sister. The cookies didn’t turn out that well, but we sure had fun making them!
In the afternoon I went to Gorgeous Boy’s school party. I was in charge of the game, and we played “steal my heart” (the kids had to pick up conversation hearts with a straw) and “steal my smile” (they had to try not to smile when it wasn’t their turn). My beautiful boy lost dismally at the last game; he just can’t stop smiling.
My Princess made Valentines for all her friends, and at the moment is dancing at the sound of High School Musical with her best friend. She’s also ecstatic because Dandi’s foot is completely healed and doesn’t need the cast anymore. Hooray!
And yes, things don’t go as planned, but what do you do? You just keep going and trying to be happy for the children’s sake. We might still go to the movies and watch “Spiderwick,” we might still go out to eat (I’m emotionally exhausted to make dinner. I just folded a load of laundry from Monday. That’s all the housework I can do at the moment.), but for now, we’ll just stay home and wait for tomorrow. I know, how depressing! What makes me so sad is that we do have so many blessings, but just a few gray clouds manage to overcast every good thing in our lives. Material trials, trials with family members, depression, I can handle. As long as my children are healthy and happy, I’m happy. Send whatever you want our way, just let my children be safe and happy. That’s all I care about.

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