Monday, 3 March 2008

I can’t believe February is over, this long February we had this year, and not only because of the extra day. It seems like my family was sick all month, with the only highlight being el Cangri’s Indian Elephant birthday party. I feel very bad for having missed so many Young Women’s meetings, church, ballet lessons, you name it. I wanted to be able able to function, without sleep or food or energy, but at the same time I didn’t want to pass on the bugs to everyone I met. Miraculously, I managed to stay healthy thorughout the whole ordeal–and was I grateful for that!!!! But on the last day of the month, I came down with the dreaded stomach flu, and I lost 5 pounds on 2 days! I’m so happy to feel well now, even though I’m still so weak and tired!
But March is here, and the snow is almost melted in our yard. I can’t wait for nice Spring days, to seat outside in the sun and drink mate while the children play! The only drawback is that when Spring comes, it will almost be time for Gorgeous Boricua to go away for the summer. I still don’t know what we’ll do, how we’ll do, or for how long. I just know that the kids need to have fun and have a safe and secure home for the most fun part of the year, namely Summer, and that they also need their father; and not only the children, I do too.

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2 responses to “Are we almost there?”

  1. Hola Yamile,
    Que gusto oir de ti y tu familia, el anio pasado me diste tu direccion de blog y siempre reviso la pagina para ver que ha pasado con tu vida. Tus nenes estan hermosos y me da gusto saber que todos estan tan bien.

  2. Beck says:

    I think we had the same month! I am SO GLAD February is over!
    Wishing you good health now!

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