Monday, 17 March 2008

My kids and I just loooooove St Patrick’s Day. This morning when I was taking Gorgeous Boy to school, he told me every holiday, he thought, “This one’s my favorite holiday,” until the next holiday came along. He had good reason to be happy, though. At school they had a project to build leprechaun’s traps. Here’s the one he and his dad made:

He also made a trap here at home too.

Swan Princess didn’t really get into the St Paddy’s mood, but she loved the tiny presents a leprechaun friend left them. We didn’t succeed in trapping one, but he took all of our pennies and left us a trail of green sprinkles, some chocolates, M&M’s and for Gorgeous and Princess he left a bag of clover seeds; El Cangri got a wooden penguin and Chubbers, some hair clips. All four of them got glass figurines: A frog, a butterfly, an elephant, and a hippo, respectively, of course.

They all look so cute in their green outfits! I’m going a little crazy actually because my two babies are going through “separation anxiety, and none of us sleep because if I as much as move, El Cangri has a meltdown and thinks I’m leaving him or something.
I love this holiday even though I don’t have a drop of Irish blood in me, but I think my kids do, from my MIL’s side, don’t you Pat? I’m sure the hair color comes from somewhere in Ireland, no? If not, oh well, we’ll just keep celebrating because it’s so much fun. I found out today that Argentina has the fifth largest Irish community in the world.
So, I hope a little leprechaun visits you today like one visited our home. I love the magic he brought to us and the sparkle he put in my babies eyes.

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One response to “Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!!!!”

  1. Beck says:

    Wonderful job!
    My kids are actually REALLY REALLY Irish, for little Canadian kids – but they look REALLY REALLY Dutch. Funny!

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