Tuesday, 25 March 2008

We had the best Easter ever. The day was so beautiful and sunny; it seemed that nature was celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord. We had church at 9, and I had prepared blueberry muffins the night before. I knew that once the kids woke up and saw their little basket the Easter bunny had left, we would have to hurry up to be at church on time. We made it at 9, and both Gorgeous Boricua and I taught in Elder’s Quorum and Young Women’s respectively. Every Sunday I wish I could stay home, but once I’m at church, I just love it! We came home with a wonderful spirit, and I had to hurry to get things ready. I made rolls the night before and barbecue ribs. I also made a salad and potatoes, and my SIL and brother brought cake for dessert. We didn’t get to eat the cake though because after all the food, and the chocolate, and the candy, we were sugared out. Just like last year we had our Egg Hunt at our wonderful neighbors’ house. The children were so happy because of the weather and the candy, and they played so much, that by 8 o’clock everyone was fast asleep. Everyone except El Cangri, who collapsed right before dinner and took a loooooong nap. Today I took the day off and played all day outside with the kids. What a life!!!!

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Yamile Saied Mendez

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