Monday, 31 March 2008

This morning we got up very late for church, maybe because outside it was winter again, and the snowie sky was too dark to wake us up. Even though we wouldn’t make it for Sacrament Meeting, we still wanted to go for the rest of the classes, so we hurried up and arrived on time for Primary’s Sharing Time. Gorgeous Boy was assigned to read the scripture (3 Nephi 12:8), and Princess Swan was assigned to share a talent–she played “London Bridge” on our little lap harp. She was so nervous and, when it was finally over, pleased with herself, that she told me, “I’m sweating mama!”

My Chubbers is very much the social butterfly. Between Jeff and our wonderful neighbor/friend, they watch her when I’m at Young Women’s, and they tell me that she walked all over the classroom saying “Hi” to everyone, and making sure people were awake for the class. She was so beautiful today with her ivory drees and snow-white shoes. Jeff said he loved the dress, and he asked if it was new. I replied, “That’s her Christmas dress, observant father.” Typical man…
After church we’re all starving, so I came home ready to make some quesadillas. I had some leftover pizza for last night, that I was saving for myself…I just got this wonderful pizza stone, and I made the most delicious pizza. Everyone loved it, even a guy form Jeff’s group that’s going to sell this summer and stayed over last night. Well, going back to quesadillas, Gorgeous Boy wanted to help, so I showed him how to make the quesadillas while I put away the clean dishes from the dishwasher. Of course, Swan Princess got all offended because “HE always gets to cook and help!!!!!” (I didn’t hear her complain yesterday when HE was helping me clean the downstairs). So I let them, and they made the most wonderful and delicious quesadillas ever. I made a fruit smoothie, and we were all satisfied for our Sunday Nap.
Gorgeous Boricua, Swan Princess, Chubbers and I went to my bed, and we slept for 2 hours!!!!! Boricua slept a little longer, but boy were we tired! Gorgeous Boy and El Cangri took advantage of the situation and rrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnn downstairs to play Mario Party on the wii–on a Sunday. When I finally got up, El Cangri had fallen asleep on the couch, and Gorgeous was doing a little dance because he had won all the games.
After our nap Swan Princess and I had a little “spa” time and I polished her toenails. She’s not allowed to paint her finger nails because last year, right before our memorable trip to England and Scotland she scratched Gorgeous Boy’s face. In all of the pictured he has this hideous red streak on his cheek, and we can still see the scar to this day. She understands this, so at school, on Market Day, with the points she had collected all year she bought a little manicure set. One of those with the buffer that makes your nails all shiny and pretty. After I had buffed her nails she said, “They kind of look like they’re polished, don’t they?” Yes, she’s only five, Heaven help us!
It was time to eat again, and I had no idea what to make (I hadn’t made a menu for this week). So I ate some cold pizza left over from lunch leftover, and I made waffles with breakfast potatoes and chocolate milk. Everyone was so happy, that I played “Gasolina” on my ipod, and my two cooks and the babies danced and danced, while Gorgeous Boricua and I laughed and laughed (my kids love to do impersonations of our elderly neighbor dancing reaggeton, and their very mature parents just laughed). They were so graceful and beautiful. Swan Princess with her little curls reminded me so much of my cousin Roxana (pretty face, curls, fiery temper and all!), and my beautiful son, so tall and grown up, so sweet and helpful. My two babies, all rolls and giggles, and my Jeff, throwing his head back with laughter. What more can I ask for?

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