Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Guess what? I have a new, fun, stylish, sensational computer that Gorgeous Boricua got for me today. It’s a MacBook Pro, and I don’t remember having so much fun with a toy before. He’s taking his laptop for work this summer, and I really “needed” a new computer, right? So today, we picked up Gorgeous Boy from school, and we saw “Horton Hears a Who.” Not my favorite show, but the kids, except for Chubbers, loved it. I really like the quote, “Big or small, a person is a person.” I even got a little teary when Horton said it, and the tiny whos chanted, “We are here! We are here!”After the theater we went to get my computer, and then we came all t

he way from SLC down to University Mall. We ate at P F Chang’s, and I was pleasant
ly surprised to discover that after all, I like Chinese food, especially wantons! After that, we did some shopping, and came home. It was already 11 pm when El Cangri final
y felt asleep. 
I’m so happy I have this computer; and yes, it’s a “tool of production.”

And this a picture I took like 2 seconds ago with my computer!!!! how cool is that!

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