Friday, 4 April 2008

Tonight, after running all day, everywhere, we finally had a few minutes of quiet and peace to eat dinner from Carl’s Jr. El Cangri was washing his beautiful, perfect hands, so plump and clean, pure and strong. My eyes filled with tears and wonder that such a perfect angel came from me. He looks so much like his father, and he acts and dresses just like him. El Cangri sleeps with a set of keys with a Puerto Rico keychain, an old cellphone, his puppy dog Coco (how original ha!) and his hat. That’s right, he doesn’t even take it off to go to bed, but just a few nights ago he started hanging it with Gorgeous Boricua’s hats. I look at him, and his brother and two sisters, and I can’t understand those who hurt little angels; how a person can do a harm to an innocent child of God. In our own Salt Lake City, which once was a safe place, a haven from harm, in the last two years  two little girls were kidnapped and murdered within minutes of disappering. Last year it was 5 year-old Destiny Norton, and this week it was little Hser Nay Moo, a 7 year-old girl refugee girl from Burma. She disappeared on Monday afternoon, and Tuesday night she was found dead just a couple of doors away from the apartment where she lived with her family. The whole community is devastated by so much evil and darkness. I look at my kids, and I shudder with fear. I won’t even let them play in our yard if I’m not there watching their every move. It’s so hard trying to teach them to be safe without being afraid of their own shadows. No, I want them to have happy, safe childhoods; I’ll be the one to worry and protect them. So they can grow up in peace, and be safe, always. 

Here’s to the memory of a little girl who was full of innocence and hope, who came to this country running from violence and fear, and ended her brief life feeling those, violence and fear. 
I’m gonna live my life
Like every day’s the last
Without a simple good-bye
It all goes so fast
And now that you’re gone
I can’t cry hard enough
No I can’t cry hard enough 
For you to hear me now
Gonna open my eyes
And see for the first time
I’ve let go of you like
A child letting go of his kite
There it goes, up in the sky
There it goes, beyond the clouds
For no reason why,
I can’t cry hard enough
For you to hear me now
Gonna look back in vain
And see you standing there
When all that remains
Is just an empty chair
So I’m gonna live my life
like every day’s the last
Without a simple good-bye
It all went by…
So fast.
Author unknown

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One response to “Hser Nay Moo, a little angel”

  1. Beck says:

    Poor little girl. I can’t think of anything worse.

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