Monday, 7 April 2008

What a feast for the spirit, the mind, and the heart!!! Yesterday and today, I had the privilege of watching General Conference, at home in my p.j’s!, with my beautiful children. Very early on Saturday morning, Gorgeous Boy had a soccer game. It was bitter cold and windy, but the team did great and had a lot of fun. When we came home, I got everyone ready for our Solemn Assembly, and I explained to the children how we had the opportunity to stand up wherever we were, and together with millions of people, raise our hands to sustain our Prophet Thomas S. Monson. El Cangri and Chubbers had no clue of what was going on, but my Gorgeous and Swan Princess waited patiently for their turn to stand up and raise their hands. They were so reverent, and solemn. They knew that was such an important action. Not the action of just raising one’s hand, but the action of pledging to support and follow our Prophet. I got very emotional, watching them; last time we had a Solemn Assembly was 13 years ago, when we sustained our beloved president Gordon B. Hinckley. I thought it would be hard not to see him at conference, and although everyone missed him, and almost all of the speakers made allusion to his passing and his great legacy, once President Monson started speaking, I could actually tell there was a difference in the man. If ever there was a question in my heart about whether or not I would feel him as close as I had felt to President Hinckley, it was erased as soon as I heard him speak of his ancestors, his family, his wife. He said that anyone who attended these sessions of Conference will never forget it for the Spirit that was felt. 

Each and everyone of the messages seemed directed to me, and I enjoyed all of them. Elder Nelson said that salvation is an individual matter, but exaltation is a family matter. Elder Bednar talked about prayer, and invite us not to give Heavenly Father a list of things we want so to speak, but if we ask for something, to accept the commitment to do our part in achieving that blessing we’re seeking. Elder Ballard talked to young mothers, and asked them to cherish their little ones and not neglect them for soap-operas (tv in general) and surfing the internet He also urged us not to overburden ourselves, and to strive for a balance 
in our lives. We watched 3 of the five sessions, one we missed on Saturday afternoon (I’m watching it tomorrow), and the other one was the Priesthood Session, which Gorgeous Boricua attended (the broadcast) with his work companions, even though Saturday is their greatest selling day. His faith paid off because he had 5 sales yesterday! I’m so proud of him and so grateful for his willingness to provide a good life for us, and a good example. 
Gorgeous Boy missed attending Priesthood session with his father, even though he technically doesn’t have to attend as he’s only 7 years old. But he’s being baptized this year. My big, little boy who wants to do the right so much, and who’s such a great helper. Swan Princess kept asking when we were going to go to church, and I told her today church was at home. I hope we can feel the “church” spirit at home everyday, that I can make my home a safe haven, a house of order and inspiration, so my husband and children (and I) want to come here to spend time together and learn from one another.
Here’s a picture my Gorgeous made of his baptism: 

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