Tuesday, 15 April 2008

So today we had wonderful weather, 80 degrees everyone. But tomorrow it will be in the 50’s, and the day after that 60’s, then 40’s , then 70’s. I mean, what’s up with this teeter-totter weather? It’s Spring in the morning, but winter after 6 o’ clock. How crazy! We played a lot outside, I took the car to be washed (after 6 months of dirtiness, salt and yuck from Winter), and I went to Costco. You’d think that with the husband gone, I’d spend less money in groceries, but so far, it’s been the same. We do eat a lot of fruits and veggies, and even though I’ve been trying to buy locally and seasonal appropriate foods, I have to give in… what fruit is in season in Northern Utah in April?                       I thought so, nothing. 

Last week was very crazy because it was our first full week without Gorgeous Boricua. It did go fast, but boy was I exhausted on Friday!!!!! And I also kept losing my sense of time. For example, on Friday I thought it was my turn to drive to get milk. We belong to a fresh (non-pasteurized) milk co-op. We get the milk and other delights (fresh fertile eggs anyone?) from a dairy in Payson, about 40 minutes from our town). It doesn’t seem like a very long drive, but when you drive so far every week, for 3 gallons of milk (and 50 gallons of gas), it gets a little tiring. So 4 other families and ours got together and take turns driving. It turns out, after this long exposition, and getting everyone ready, that it wasn’t my turn to drive after all. The lady who set everything up called me about my bottles (we leave them at her house every Thursday night), and I deigned myself to look at the schedule, and there it was: April 18th right next to my name. The person who drove was kind enough to bring me 3 bottles. 
Then, on Saturday, I realized I wasn’t actually teaching Young Women’s on Sunday. I had been fretting about it all week. Not planning the lesson, no, just worrying about it. And when I actually decided to at least look what I was teaching about, I realized with relief and gratitude that I wasn’t teaching. So there, I have this phone where I put all of my appointments, I synchronize with my computer, put in on my momagenda, and still get it wrong. 
But a lot of good comes from the mistaken appointments. On Friday, since my SIL was already watching the babies I stayed home and took a long bubble bath, NOT. Just kidding, I went to Gorgeous Boy’s school and helped the teacher move books to their new classroom. They have Spring Break this week, and when they go back to school, they’ll be in this very nice classroom. The teacher hadn’t asked for any help, but hey, she does so much already!!!! And I love to go to the school and have this private parent-teacher conferences. I like the teacher to know that I’m very attentive of my child’s school experience, and that I want to hear whatever she has to say about him, and if she has good things, much better. That same week, on Wednesday, I had gone to Swan Princess’ classroom for centers, and I loved it. My nephew who’s in the same class asked me, “How did you learn how to be a teacher?” That made me very happy. 
And on Saturday, I played with my kids; what better way to enjoy life. My brother and his family came over for dinner, and a friend came for Gorgeous Boricua’s car (a company is driving it to GB’s area). The kids kissed the car, so the kisses could reach their dad. And after the car driver left, I realized I didn’t put the cord for the TV he had asked me to send him. Well, I’m losing my memory because I’m :
a) getting older
b) sleep-deprived (8 years of that!)
c) or plain crazy
or… all of the above!        

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