Wednesday, 16 April 2008

I don’t know why, but this las few weeks I’ve found out about a lot of people who are very sick, or have had a tragic event in their lives: a neighbor from our old house had a baby who needed open heart surgery a few days after being born, a girl who writes beautifully just had a miscarriage, an American Idol whose brother is very sick with cancer, a little girl who has leukemia and loves this American Idol… the list could go on forever. There seems to be so much sorrow in this world. At the same time there are so many beautiful, inspiring things around us. Sometimes I look at my life, and I wonder why the Lord blesses me so much, why I have so much and others don’t. I don’t know the answer. When I first came to the States I tried to adapt to the life here very quickly, and I did the best to take care of myself and be responsible for my own affairs. Oh! I made many mistakes out of ignorance and naivete, but I also learned so much, and I met so many wonderful people who befriended me and helped me. I always tried to receive these blessings humbly, and at the same time face my trials with courage and faith. I can remember not sleeping at night because I didn’t know how I would pay for the next semester’s tuition, or because the things with my family in Argentina were not going well. But I had so much hope and faith in the Lord! I knew without a doubt that BYU was the place where God wanted me to be, and I wasn’t about to waste that opportunity. 

And against all the odds, I, the daughter of a taxi driver and a housekeeper who worked their hearts out to see my dream fulfilled, graduated college in a foreign language, met a wonderful man whom I loved and loved me as well (!!!), and lived happily ever after… Even though today I face different kinds of trials, I think back on that little girl who once came from Argentina full of illusions and hope. If she could do what she did, with the help of the Lord, I can do anything.
Whenever we face difficulties and trials, Gorgeous Boricua and I say that we can face anything the Lord sends us, but we pray to him to please let us have our children be safe, and happy, and innocent.   
When I look at my life, I see the hand of the Lord in each and every thing; I see blessings without end. The material ones come and go, but the ones that really matter, the ones that last forever, those are my treasure, my whole life. 

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  1. Beck says:

    I think that’s VERY inspirational – I could barely leave my dumb home town and you moved all the way to another far-off country and earned a degree in another language? Wow.

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