Monday, 21 April 2008
On Friday we had a wonderful excursion. We drive by a farm in the middle of our city every day, at least once. We’re very lucky that in our city we have the opportunity of seeing diverse animals: Shetland ponies, cows, horses, goats, chickens and sheep. Well, this particular farm has sheep that have the cutest babies every year at around this time. Last year, we saw the little lambs get bigger and bigger, and the children begged me to stop so they could pet them. I always had an excuse, and the lambs got too big to be cute, and the year passed. On Thursday before last, we drove by for guitar lessons and I noticed there were three very black, new baby lambs. the next day they were about fifteen newborns. So on Thursday, after taking Swan Princess to ballet class  and realizing it had been cancelled due to Spring Break, I suddenly found myself with a full free hour, and we stopped by the sheep place. The lady (a young woman, about my age) was very gracious, and invited us to go the next day, so we could feed the animals. My children were so excited they could hardly sleep that  night. We added a few numbers to our already biggish group, and together with my brother’s family, the next door neighbors, and neighbors from across the street, we made our trip to the sheep. The kids had a blast. They got in a trailer with hay, and chased the terrified animals to feed them. Chubbers was so intent on feeding the “Dandies” (she thinks that all beings that walk on four legs are our Yorkie) that she didn’t realize she wasn’t offering them hay but a nasty black rock-like substance that I’m going to pretend it wasn’t sheep poop. OK? The day was very windy, and the kids faces were rosy with excitement, the exercise of chasing the terrified wild sheep, and the windburn. Here are some pictures that document our adventure. And that lady, how nice was she! I don’t know how I would react if a stranger showed up at my door and asked me to watch me do my daily work for the entertainment of her brood. I don’t know I would’ve been so gracious and accommodating. Another proof we live in a good world after all.

Here’s Chubbers with our neighbor’s baby. I’m sure my poor friend W. was terrified I’d let Chubbers touch her baby after the “feeding” incident. Of course, I kept her away from other human beings until I could soak her in warm soapy water for one hour.

Petting a baby lamb

The trailer

                                              Riding in the distance

And now, Spring Break’s over, and tomorrow we go back to our normal lives. 5 more weeks until we go see Gorgeous Boricua. I’m counting the minutes! 

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