Wednesday, 30 April 2008
I have several posts that I’m working out in my mind. In fact, in the last few days I’ve thought, “I have to write about this or that.” But sometimes the days go by so quickly, and the word-pictures I formed in my mind vanish as the sighs of my sleeping babies. 
But tonight, Gorgeous was at a birthday party, Princess was taking a nap on the couch (she has a fever), and my two babies found a breakfast tray some good friends gave me for my bridal shower. It’s only been used for birthdays breakfast in bed, and maybe on or two mother’s day breakfasts. I was making dinner, and El Cangri and Chubbers got to work right away. They had to clean “their” table.   
Then they ate… with both hands!!!!!

And to the bath!!!!!
They were so excited and, I’m sure, shocked that I let them make such a mess in the kitchen floor. Yes, the younger ones definitely get away with more than the older ones did at that age. I was such a stressed young mom, so worried about having everything so perfect. Oh, wait a sec! I’m still stressed, and hurried, and too serious sometimes, but now I know my babies won’t be babies forever. I try to savor them more, to enjoy them. I don’t succeed all the time, but I sure try…    

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