Monday, 12 May 2008

Last night, before I went to bed, my Gorgeous Boy told me, “Tomorrow is going to be such a wonderful day for you and Swan Princess!” His little big eyes were sparkling with excitement. I finished reading “The Host“, and then I couldn’t sleep, pondering the book story, the characters, the what-ifs…

This morning I slept through the alarm and missed church. I always feel so bad when we don’t go to church, especially because not getting up on time doesn’t necessarily mean getting more sleep. I woke up to the sounds of a lovely fight between my older children, and then the older daughter came to ask me to please get up, the dog got sick all over the carpet. Yes, how nice. I’m being very sarcastic here… I finally got up and my beautiful children gave me notes and letters they made at school. They were so happy to give me something, and they tried so hard to be good. But you know how it is; sometimes, the harder you try, the worse you do. I’ll leave it at that. And I won’t tell you how Chubbers practically yanked out a bookshelf from Princess’ room wall. The wall was a teensy bit scratched, and I thought I could just fix the screw on the wall and put the shelf right back. Well, I did try that, and I was very proud of my self reliance, when as I was walking out of the room, imagining the look of satisfaction on my husband’s face. I heard the most horrible sound. The shelf had collapsed, leaving a gaping hole where the screw used to be, and a path of destruction all along the wall. Do I have any leftover “Rose Pink” Benjamin Moore paint? Yes, that one! The $60, a gallon one! 
Not exactly fun, but I won’t tell you about that…or the water that leaked from the fridge downstairs. It was empty, so I unplugged it to save energy, what a wonderful wife, but I forgot to empty the ice box. You can imagine the rest. On a good note, it was on the tile floor, on not on the expensive wooden one…
Don’t get me wrong, I did have a good Mother’s Day. Isn’t this what motherhood is all about? The non-stop work but also the sweet moments, and the sweet words, like these ones my son wrote (and this will be original spelling, in every sense of the word): 
“Why I love You? I love because you cook good food and you are nice. You are beautiful.” 
And, on another letter, 
“My mom is: nice
My mom likes: going to vacations
My mom knows: a lot how to cook
My mom says: We are going to Virginia
My mom wishes: to be with as all day
My mom loves: my sesters and brother and my dad and me
My mom is: beautauful!
Gorgeous Boy.”
After reading those true words, I certainly felt happy. He thinks I’m “beautiful”!  

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