Friday, 30 May 2008

I can’t believe school is finally over! Next August I’ll have two children in elementary school. Gorgeous and I have been looking for the perfect school for our children ever since our Gorgeous Boy was born. Somehow, we always miss a deadline, or the kids are #78 and #98 on waiting lists all across the valley, or tuition is $350 a month for 3-times a week 3 year-old preschool (er, no thank you?). So we feel extra blessed for living where we are living. Our school is very nice, we got wonderful teachers, and … it’s free. So yea, we like the school. This week we had several talent shows and presentations, that kept me VERY busy, but very proud of my babies.  

Here’s Swan Princess singing like a nightingale, shaking hands with the principal, and then with me. 
And yesterday, I ran all morning. If you know me you know I really don’t like to run around all over the place. I like my breaks between activities, and I love being home. I picked up my Swan at school, and we ate sandwiches in the car. El Cangri and Chubbers were exhausted, but they didn’t take a nap in the car. My Gorgeous Boy had a talent show at one, and he was playing a guitar solo. All the children were flushed with excitement, and my son kept waving at me, begging me with his big brown eyes, “Mom, look at me!” I did watch him, here and there, between chasing El Cangri and trying to video and photograph him while holding a baby Chubbers intent on breastfeeding RIGHT NOW! standing up and all. My baby sling was very useful waiting for me in the car. Ha! Why don’t I just sew one permanently to whatever outfit I’m wearing that day? In the middle of the nightmare, I realized there was this beautiful salt water fish tank in the room we were. So I tried to keep my Cangri entertained with Nemo and Dori.  He started making up a story, and kept running around the tank getting more excited every second. You should have seen his face. Until he asked, “Mom, where’s the whale?” (in English and all, to the delight of almost 100 people present). “Mom, RUN, RUN, RUN, THE WHALE IS COOOOOOMMMIIINGGGG!’ In the midst of craziness there can be sweetness. And I had to smile. And after that, people clapped (one of the kids had just done a karate demonstration) and Chubbers clapped and cheered and then blew, like she was blowing hundreds of invisible candles. 
Here’s the very only picture I managed to take during the talent show.
Today is Friday, and the older kids had school for only 1 1/2 hours. They went in at 8 in the morning, and came home crying because they’ll miss their teachers so much. I don’t know what their father was like the last day of school, but I cried every last day of school too. I was such a nerd!!!! But I loved every second of it. Of school, not of being a nerd. Got it? 😉 
I had thought to surprise the kids, and take them to the movies. Even though after all the tears a certain pretty boy was being totally irrespective, I decided to take them any way, and we saw “Nim’s Island” at the dollar theater. We stopped by Hoggi Yoggi for some dreadful lunch (it was so horrible! I’ll never go back there!), and came home, ready to enjoy summer vacation. I really need a vacation, and I don’t see one for years and years (after all, I’m a mom for life, right?), but I do love the little breaks here and there–like having dinner with two of my dearest friends, having mate at the wee hours of the night, shopping online, sorry baby, reading and reading, and knitting a little, and sitting outside and watching my kids play. Yes, I’m always tired, but I’m alive, and content. I just miss my husband, but hey! 8 more days!!!!!!
Chubbers did NOT want to be in a picture, but notice El Cangri… There’s a model!!!!

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