Tuesday, 3 June 2008

I know, the quality of the first pic is not good at all, but for some crazy reason I don’t have her new pics on this computer. Oh well… Did you notice the platform shoes she’s wearing? She’s my little diva!
Officially she was 18 months last week, but with so many things going on I didn’t get around to posting it. I just watched her birth video for the very first time today. My doula had told me that some women never watch their birth videos, and I know why. I was afraid of feeling embarrassed by what I saw. Well, I had the surprise of my life because it was such a peaceful birth that watching it filled me with strength and determination. In the video you can’t imagine the struggle I had in my mind. During some minutes I had the temptation of letting go, of losing my mind and my self-control. But I knew that if I gave way to this impulse, the experience wouldn’t be what I had planned. Chubber’s birth was one of the greatest achievements of my life. I loved my midwife, her assistant, my doula, hypnobabies and my husband, giving me their trust and support. I wish every woman may have the opportunity to experience an all natural birth. Of course, it doesn’t mean that going natural makes you a better woman; in my case, it showed me what I can do if I set my mind to do it. And seeing my baby, so tiny, not even crying, just gazing around her to the world, just filled me with happiness that she’s now a beautiful lively little girl. I’m also a little sad because my tiny baby girl is no more. Time for another one? No, just kidding. I loved having my baby at home, and be surrounded by my family at such a sacred moment. A new person was born of me. How cool is that?

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