Thursday, 26 June 2008

Yes, there’s a second part because now we’re in Missouri, after driving for more than 20 hours. What a drive! But even though it was long, it wasn’t boring at all? How can you be bored when you’re driving at 2 o’clock in the morning, through the Ozark Mountains fog, and even though you can’t see a thing, you can imagine what lays beyond the rails, especially after you see signs that say, “Runaway truck ramp”. Very scary. Or when after you stopped for gas and food and bathroom breaks, and started driving again, your little three-year-old yells, “I have to go!!!!” and can’t wait a single second, and by the time we pull over his pajamas are soaking wet. Or your 19 month old yells and cries and screams because she wants to nurse, again, and almost collapses for crying so much–and you look back and see her little contorted red face, her supplicant eyes, and no, you can’t let her out of the car seat. 

We did stop, so she could calm down, and the children watched “Alvin and the Chipmunks,” twice, and “Enchanted,” “Cinderella III,” “Star Wars V,” and a couple “Baby Einsteins.” Gorgeous Boricua and I talked and talked, and we had about 10 thermos of mate, we asked for hot water every time we stopped. We found a delicious Amish restaurant in Indiana. It was a buffet, and they had such great fresh food, and it was CLEAN! We loved it. Gorgeous Boy had to try every dessert they had. A guy walked up to where Gorgeous Boricua and told him, “you have a great looking family.”
The drive was another Odyssey, but this time, papa was with us, and that made all the difference. The apartments we’re staying at are brand new. The pool is in a very nice sunny area, so these last two days the kids and I have gotten more tanned than in the two weeks we were in Virginia. Today we found another fountain, that has like a little river and a combination of pools and waterfalls. It’s very shallow, so even little Chubbers had a lot of fun playing there.
I have more pictures, but I’ll have to post them another day. We finally got our furniture today, yippee! sleeping on the floor wasn’t that fun, and I put “Gladiator” on to have some company while papa and I had mate. As always, that awesome movie, just sucks you in, and I get so immersed in the story. So many wonderful quotes. I’ll have to write a post on my favorite quotes from that movie alone. Well, all that to say that it’s almost 2 in the morning, and I’m still awake. I guess I can stretch my hours of rest to six; the kids might be to comfortable sleeping on beds, and maybe they’ll decide to sleep in? We’ll see.  

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