Tuesday, 15 July 2008

I made a comment last time on Gorgeous Boy’s getting a haircut. Yes, last week, after getting tired of remarks about his hair, and mainly because he was always so hot, I relented and took him to get his hair cut. I took them, El Cangri too, to a place specially for kids which was nice. I won’t say awesome because I had already been to a similar place (in Puerto Rico), and even though they had cool chairs (airplanes, cars, trains, fire truck), and had little screens where the kids could choose what to watch or what games to play, the staff wasn’t very child friendly. Cangri’s stylist was very pleasant I’ll have to say, but Gorgeous’ could’ve been tons better. He had told me he wanted a mini-fake-Mohawk, but he was so indecisive!!!! He couldn’t make up his mind. I was the same though; I love his hair long so much, but at the same time he looks so grown-up and his facial features stand out so much better when his hair is short. I didn’t know what to do, so at then end, I let him decide, as I should have all the time. As I was standing close to El Cangri, I could see my older son’s face. He was not happy. His eyes kept darting in my direction nervously, beseechingly. The stylist was oblivious to his discomfort, and she kept on styling his hair. She was all done cutting. So finally, I made my way to my suffering child, and before I could ask what was wrong he burst into tears.
Mama I don’t like it like that. Papa is not gonna like it!” And the stylist became very offended. I told her, “It’s not about you. He looks very differently with his hair short, and it was a shock to see his face like that. Besides, in spite of wanting a mini-Mohawk, he’s a conservative.” And I grabbed a comb, and combed his hair the way he likes it, with only the front sticking up. And his face lit up and after that, he was the happiest child in the world.
He kept chattering away, moving his head, relishing in feeling it so light. He kept saying while looking at his reflection on a window (we were outside by then), “I mean, look at me! I feel so light and I don’t have to keep putting the hair out of my eyes. I feel so … so … CLEAN!!!”
El Cangri kept walking like Al Capone in the streets of Chicago. He looks the same, except his bangs are shorter. People will still think he’s a girl though. When I hear someone make that comment I always reply, “Thank you, I know, he’s so lucky to be so beautiful and have such beautiful hair.” People just look at me like I’m crazy and walk away.
I’ve noticed that when the kids get a haircut (the dogs do this too), they act differently. They smile more, and become silly at times, and are nicer to each other. Maybe I’ll delete this last part; if Jeff sees it he’ll suggest I go and get a haircut (not too short mind you).

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5 responses to “Hair”

  1. Crystal says:

    Too cute! We’re going to miss you after this week. We will definitely have to get together more frequently when we all return home.

  2. cute!!! The boys look adorable! We are excited to finally have you guys back soon! Isabella is counting down the days.. 🙂

  3. Stacy says:

    I can’t believe how different they look! So cute! Welcome back to Utah!

  4. Yamile says:

    Despues de vivir fuera de la Argentina por mas de 10 años, te puedo decir que asi se nos dice, por lo que nosotros lo decimos cuando nos dirigimos a los demas.

  5. Ignacio says:

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