Monday, 28 July 2008

I guess you can tell now, that since in Missouri I didn’t have much to do I could post almost everyday, but now that we’re back home, I find that it’s very hard to have a few minutes to post what we’ve been up to. My problem is that by the time I sit down (usually at night), all I want to do is read a book (I’m currently reading 4 at the same time), and watch a few things on TV, and go to bed at a reasonable time.
Well, yesterday was a crazy day because El Cangri had a fever (Chubbers had it a day before, so I was praying it was the same 24 hour thing), and Gorgeous had a birthday party. Swan was going to the pool with our neighbors, so I took the little ones to the party too. We were all invited. But it was 100 ° outside, and my baby boy was boiling with fever. I was torn; on the hand hand I didn’t want to leave Gorgeous because I didn’t know the family and there were a lot of people at the party, and on the other, I couldn’t stay out with El Cangri like that. After a thousand recommendations, and maybe, turning him suspicious of his own shadow, I agreed to leave my son at the party. How hard it is to be worried about your child and at the same time not want to offend other people! I went home, but I was counting the minutes to go back for Gorgeous. At least, El Cangri took a nice nap. Chubbers wouldn’t budge. But she fell asleep on the car and didn’t even wake up when I got her out of the car seat and put her in the stroller and took her to the party where 20 kids got the pinata and then chased each other full of sugar and sunshine!
That night though, my little Chubbers couldn’t go to sleep. I tried everything; I even dug out of a closet one of those Fisher Price musical things to attach to the crib. We have a lovely one of little birds, with music and light (but the thing takes 4 D batteries which last only 1 night it seems). Actually, she kind of liked it at first, but I don’t know what freaked her out. The light? The music? The reflection on the ceiling? The fact is, she was terrified of it, and shrieked for me to come rescue her. She nursed and nursed until I felt she was sucking the life out of me. I wanted to watch a movie!!!!!!! (The TV hadn’t been turned on at all since we came back). Finally, my baby, who never took neither bottle nor pacifier, fell asleep sucking on a baby bottle top, without the bottle, mind you, just the breast resembling part.
Now it was time for El Cangri to wake up all feverish and chatty. When I was tiptoeing to the TV room, with him in my arms, I heard a “Thud!” Swan Princess had fallen off the bed. I tried to be very sympathetic and understanding, like one of the books I’m reading encourages me to be, but at the same time I wanted to her cry quietly so Chubbers wouldn’t wake up. All this with the dogs barking at the top of their lungs in the garage. They wanted to come in to go to sleep too.
All this to say, I want to write, I even think and look at things thinking how I’ll write about them, but the day is not long enough. Neither is the night for that matter.
In spite of the craziness, I’m so happy to be home, and go to Pioneer Day activities with our Church Ward, and see the kids playing with their friends, and hide with them in the playhouse on the play set because it’s raining and we’re not ready to go inside for the night. I love not having to get up at 7 to be able to go to the Farmer’s Market. Ours is open all day. I love our DVR, having all my books at hand, sleeping in my own bed, knowing the dogs are alive and well,
working in the yard, cleaning the house, picking up the toys, hanging diapers on the line. I love this home and the people who are our neighbors and friends. September can’t come soon enough to bring me back my Jeff. I love all I’ve mentioned and more, we’re just missing him.

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2 responses to “A little bit of everything”

  1. Crystal says:

    I bet you miss your husband!! You are such a strong woman to do all of those things by yourself.
    As far as the stroller, yes! I’m loving it and I use it every chance I get. I even chose to walk places a lot more because I have it.
    And I can completely relate to you about leaving your baby (even though he’s not baby age) alone at a party. I had such a hard time letting Kevin my FIL take my kids with him to the beach, I sat outside the window and watched them the whole time.

  2. I sometimes wonder how you do it all! we’re so happy that you are back.

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