Saturday, 9 August 2008

I just couldn’t help it–I had to post on this, the luckiest of days, at least according to the Chinese. My day didn’t start very lucky. El Cangri threw up last night, and today he had diarrhea. Yes, the nasty stomach bug. I’m crossing my fingers and wishing that no one else in the family gets it. I don’t know what else to do with this little guy. He won’t take any supplements or medicines. The only things he sometimes agrees to take are Vitamin C tables and colostrum tablets. Of course, it helps that they taste so good. I’m sure he thinks they’re candy. One thing I can’t complain about though, his skin. For once, El Cangri’s skin looks and feels fabulous. Gone are the unnatural red cheeks, the scaly arms, the itchy legs. It seems Heavenly Father has really answered my prayers. When El Cangri’s skin was at its worst, one day I didn’t know what else to do, and while I scrubbed the olive oil homemade lotion from the tub, I prayed that I would happily have the skin problems, if my baby would be spared. Like I said, my prayer was answered, and for three days now, I have had a rash that started on my left foot, and has spread all the way to my legs and arms. The itch is unbearable, like a burning stabbing sensation. And I had thought ICP was bad when I was pregnant! HA! At least with ICP I didn’t have a rash. I’ve had this thing before, but never as bad, not even remotely close to what it is now. My foot and arms look like they’re burned. And I’m sure that with all the friction from scratching, the skin is all burned by now–That’s why it looks so bad. But I’m not complaining. Now I know what my baby felt for two years, and even though my temper is VERY short as a result of the itching and the lack of sleep, I’d rather be the one to have this. 

I probably made you itch just by reading this, and I apologize.
I scrubbed the house down today. I love it when it’s clean, when it’s finally done! Now I don’t feel bad about reading all day or doing my big project for Swan’s birthday (It’s a surprise!).
The kids and I watched the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony. I don’t know the words to describe it: fantastic, spectacular, awesome, inspiring! I wanted to be there so bad!!! We cheered for all of our countries: USA, Puerto Rico, Argentina, and the other countries where we come from (directly or indirectly) Spain, Palestine, England, all the Spanish speaking countries, even Brazil. I know, our archenemies. But what would a World Cup or Olympic competition be without them? All the fun would be gone. 
I’m cheering real hard for my boys of the futbol (notice I didn’t say soccer. No one else in the world calls it soccer. It’s FUTBOL people!) and basketball teams. I’m recording on the DVR as many events as I can. I know I won’t be able to watch a fraction of them, but I really want my kids to love the games as much as I do. I always want to be an athlete when I watch a competition. Maybe I’ll live my dream through my kids … 
I get very emotional when I watch events like this. I cry at the Pioneer parade, the 4th of July Stadium of Fire, and ceremonies like this. Of course, when you know the story of the US flag bearer Lopez Lomong, you’ll know why I get emotional.  KSL did a preshow, and aired a story on this young man. Ever time I think about it, I cry. This is what I love about the USA, and what I tried to convey in my “Being an American” post. Where else on earth a former war refugee can go to another country, become an athlete, and go to the Olympic Games, AND be the flag bearer? I love this story. If young Lomong could alter his life story so dramatically, what can’t we do? Nothing. We cannot not do nothing. We have no excuse but be amazing!
No Breaking Dawn quote of the day today, just a comment. I love the way Edward talks to Bella in this book. He always calls her “love” (hint Jeff 🙂 
Enjoy the Games!!!!!
PS: Chubbers is sick. I better go!

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  1. Cristina says:

    Hola Yami

    Espero que hayan amanecido mejor Joaquin y Areli. Después de haber leído lo que escribiste ahora se que tenemos otra cosa en común, la de llorar después de ver ceremonias como la de los juegos olímpicos. Y comparto tu pensamiento, es una bendición vivir en este país!
    Un abrazo,

  2. C & C Baugh says:

    When you get a chance email me over your address. Stacey is going to be sending out invitations to the shower towards the end of this month and I would love to see you there. Here’s my email:

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