Today we’ll officially end Swan’s birthday week; we’ll even pretend the fireworks for the closing of the Chinese Olympics are in her honor. We kicked off the birthday celebrations on Tuesday. She wanted strawberry cupcakes for breakfast, so that morning we had those and yogurt; she even blew out candles! She opened presents (a bread oven from American girl, a playmobile doll house, clothes, and tons of books!), and then she went off to school.

That night, after her ballet lessons, my parents and my brother’s family came over and we had an Argentinianized Chinese dinner of egg rolls and rice. For dessert we had an ice-cream cake that my mom gave her and she blew candles again.

Jeff came home on Thursday, and we celebrated his return (even if it’s only for a few days), and I had to finish the preparations for the party. We gave out all of the 16 invitations, and I knew most of the kids would come. Only 3 little girls from school didn’t make it, but she had plenty of friends from school and church, and plenty of cousins, for the first time ever she had cousins from sides of the family–my brother’s kids and even my cousin’s were here, joining Jeff’s nephews and nieces whom my kids absolutely adore.

Swan wanted a dragon cake, and when she told me this I almost fainted. Thank goodness for though, they always save my day! The dragon turned out lovely, and I couldn’t help showing it off. Every person who came had to see it! We also had some wonderful eggrolls and Chinese salad (thank you Costco!), fruits and candy from the piñata. The kids received fairy-tale and ninja rubber duckies, candy bracelets, fortune cookie, and the crafts we had made in the party: a fan for the girls, a dragon necklace for the boys, and paper lanterns for everyone. We had a wonderful day! Swan was ecstatic; she loved it! That was the greatest payment for me, seeing her smile, her glow as she danced her way through her special day. Notice her outfit– I MADE THAT! That was my special project and I’m very happy about the way it turned out. Thanks to Catherine Newman for recommending the “Alabama Stitch Book.” That book is priceless, and I already have many other project going round in my mind for these coming holidays.
I hope you enjoy the pics! And have I said how happy I am Argentina won gold in futbol, and bronze in basketball? In case I haven’t I’ll say it again: I’M SO HAPPY THEY BOYS DID IT AGAIN THIS YEAR!!!!! What an inspiration for Gorgeous as he practices futbol 3 time a week! I hope (what parent doesn’t?) that one of my kids (why not all of them?) makes it to the Olympics. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? I know, living through my kids, but “soñar no cuesta nada …” (dreaming doesn’t cost a thing. My favorite saying in Spanish).

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2 responses to “Happy Dragon Birthday Swan Princess!!!”

  1. Stacy says:

    I bet it was so good to have Jeff home! The party looked great, the the came and Magalie’s outfit were very impressive!!

  2. Iris says:

    Oh, I love that cake, it`s beautiful!

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