Saturday, 30 August 2008

I can’t believe Summer is almost over; Labor Day will officially mark its end on Monday, and I feel we’re just starting! The children started school last week, a day before Swan’s birthday. I took pictures of Swan and Gorgeous by our front door, as I’ve done every year since Gorgeous started preschool.

That Thursday Jeff arrived, I was cleaning the house, and I saw the charter school I’ve been trying to get the kids into for years had left a message. To us! What could they want?! Which one of the kids had a spot? Should I change them? Should I wait until both of them got a spot?
I called my mom, and I told her my dilemma. I REALLY wanted them in that school because of their outstanding language, art and music programs. I went on and on about the advantages of the kids moving to that school, and my mom asked, “How much is it?” And I replied, “It’s free.” My mom paused for a second and then asked, “Why are you still thinking about it?”
My real problem was that we love Swan’s 1st grade teacher, the same one Gorgeous had last year. She is a grandmother, and prepares so well for her class! Her classroom is beautiful; she has a lot of books and makes name tags for the kids, and journals, and fabric bags for books, etc. She told me last year that she spends so much time (and money, often her own) and then parents change their kids to other classes, and it’s all work that goes to nothing. When I told the kids about the new school, they were a little sad, but after I told them about Spanish, and Chinese, and Arabic (yes, you read that well. They teach Chinese and Arabic!!!!) and uniforms (Gorgeous is obviously my son; he was so excited about uniforms. I use to wear my uniform all day. I loved it!) they got more and more excited. On Monday they stayed home to enjoy Jeff’s last day at home, and we went to the old school to say goodbye to their teachers and friends. Swan got a little emotional and she hugged her teacher extra tight. Even after only a week of school, my kids already loved their teachers. That’s why when another school called 2 years ago, after Gorgeous had started kindergarten we didn’t take the offer. He already loved his teacher. This second chance we got, I wasn’t gonna waste it.
So Tuesday they went off to school for a first day again. I took pictures in their lovely uniforms, and I saw my brave, brave children walk hand in hand to meet new friends. That afternoon I heard several children bidding goodbye to my kids, and I saw with amazement that they had already found friends, even on the first day. In fact, that afternoon a mother called me to arrange a play date for Swan and her daughter because they’re such good friends. The other mom and I laughed (with surprise? Envy that children can make new friends so easily?) when I told her that it had been Swan’s first day.

Today was also El Cangri’s first day of school ever. I took pictures too, and he was so happy to FINALLY go to school… until we arrived, then he wouldn’t let me go! And today I had to go get the milk for our milk group!
Reluctantly he let go of my hand when I assured him I’d go back for him, and I left my baby there, with his nervous smile, pleading eyes trying to convey to me the fear he felt. I was so tempted to take him with me, and say we’d try another time! But I tried to be brave, and I left him.

Chubbers cried for 45 minutes straight as we drove to the dairy farm. She must have felt so lonely. Just she and I for the first time! I’m looking forward to some one-on-one time with my Chubbers!
I picked up my Cangri, who was wearing his backpack as it were a messenger bag like his siblings have. And almost before realizing it, it was time to pick up the older kids too (Friday is early day out. They’re out at 12:00!). I love that my kids are growing, but they’re growing too fast! My baby is almost 2 years old! I can’t believe it!

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3 responses to “Back to School!”

  1. Tanto tiempo sin saber de ustedes.Que gusto de haber encontrado tu blog y de que estes en facebook. Tu familia esta hermosa y se ven muy feliz.

  2. Barbaloot says:

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. But that diaper rash lotion?!?! Yuck. I’m sorry you had to go through that. Maybe I’ll try the body wash/shampoo sometime:)

    Cute first day of school pics!

  3. Yamile, como se llama el charter school donde pusistes a los niños?(if you don’t mind telling :-))
    Yo estoy viendo ahorita para Joshua (el ahorita esta en Kids Village) pero ya el proximo ano va para kinder….y estoy buscando una escuela…mis sobrinos estan en Mountainville Academy en highland(si no me equivoco) Y tambien he escuchado de otro aqui en Lehi que no me acuerdo del nombre.

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