Saturday, 22 November 2008

This week we celebrated Gorgeous Boy’s eighth birthday. He had wanted a Super Mario Birthday Party for a long time, and since I tried my best with Swan’s party (remember the Dragon cake?), I thought the least I could do was try my best to make his cake too. I made the cake, which I am so proud of how it turned out!, and we gave out treat boxes which contained glow in the dark stars, chocolate gold coins, stickers, and block candy.
The pinata was a lot of fun, except that it was very flimsy. Gorgeous and Swan were the only kids who got to whack it with a bat because, unbelievably, after Swan hit it, the pinata broke and all the kids rushed to get the candy. Children that age are wonderful. I had not prepared any games, but they made up their own, fashioned after the video games all kids seem to be addicted too: Mario tag, Pooka freeze tag, etc.
We had a lot of fun, and even though I am so happy my boy is growing so strong and happy, I am a little sad at how fast time is passing. It seems like yesterday that he was born oblivious to a huge snow storm raging outside the hospital, in a little town of North Carolina. He seemed so breakable, I felt so overwhelmed, but he survived, and he is a happy boy, loved by everyone who meets him. Proof of that are the 26 kids we invited to the party, and all of them except for two broken hearted-ones attended.  
He will be baptized in our church in a few days, and he is so eager to learn, to do what is right, to please, that I have made the resolution to be a more gentle mom with him; he is trying so hard!!!!
I love you Gorgeous Boy! What a gift you are in my life!  

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2 responses to “Super Mario Party”

  1. Crystal says:

    What an amazing cake!! You’re going to have to teach me, my cakes always seem to turn out horrible. I can’t believe you had that many kids over, you’re an amazing mom. Sounds like a great birthday.

  2. Me encanta el tema de la fiesta. Te quedo muy bien el cake.

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