Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Happy St Patrick’s Day!!! I have not one drop of Irish blood in me, but my kids might have a vague trace, so in honor of that part of our heritage, we celebrate St Patrick’s big time. By way of celebration we start by  making leprechaun traps, and setting them up the night before. One day we might actually get lucky and trap that pesky leprechaun, and have googles of gold coins and be rich for the rest of time. So far, we haven’t succeeded in trapping a single thing, but we are always rewarded for our efforts in chocolate, green sprinkles, and candy. Here are some snapshots of the kids, who got up from bed like a lightening bolt in order to check their trap. “I heard a squeaky sound, like something small getting smashed. I was worried about the little guy!” Swan Princess said this morning, while eating her green scrambled eggs and toast. 

El Cangri had a leprechaun scavenger hunt at school, and he looked so lovely I couldn’t help taking this pic of him:

Today while the two kids were at school I prepared dinner: slow-cooked corned beef and cabbage, and I made soda bread in the shape of a four-leafed clover for snacks. The day was beautiful, blue skies, light Spring breeze, and bright, warm sun. We went outside to enjoy our snacks, and drinking my mate, enjoying the beauty of the day, and listening to the happy laughs of my kids, I thought that the little green man left me a treasure far more valuable than gold, or even chocolate. 

Swan told me someone at school didn’t believe in Santa Claus (I know, big leap from leprechaun to Santa Claus), and she said she did not know what to think. I reminded her, “If you don’t believe…” “He won’t come,” added Gorgeous Boy solemnly. These kids of mine are bright kids, they can put two and two together, and they know Jeff and I get some presents for them, but they still believe in Santa Claus and all the plethora of magical beings who visit us as the seasons change. 
I feel “lucky” that my children still believe in magic, and still have that sparkle in their eye and their little expectant laughs. And I feel lucky my eight-year old put his tooth under his pillow tonight for the tooth fairy. Childhood goes by fast as Spring breeze; I want to enjoy, savor, salute, this magical time in my children’s lives, in my life, and keep it treasured in my heart for ever and ever. 

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3 responses to “I’m feeling lucky!!!!”

  1. Becky says:

    Yamille you are such a good mom. What a fun St. Patrick’s Day. I sometimes stubble onto your blog to see what all my old friends are up to. IT seems like forever since I worked with Jeff and everyone else. But I wanted to say Hi to let you know I read your blog on occasion this way I dont’ feel like a stalker if you know about. 🙂 Have a great day. – Becky

  2. Cristina says:

    Yamile you are awesome, I need to call you more often so you can share with me all these good ideas you have, if you don’t mind! I hope to see you tomorrow at Ruth’s house. Take care!

  3. susette says:

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