Thursday, 21 May 2009

I have always thought that once the first weeks are gone, I get the hang of things and I can manage this family without a husband. After all, even if he’s home I’m the one who cleans and cooks and does laundry. He helps me take the kids to school, and oh, I miss that a lot, especially when stay up until after 1 o’clock watching the American Idol finale or reading/writing/listening to music. But I still get up, and except for a few close calls, I’ve never slept in and the kids have never been late for school.
Yesterday was a challenging day though. Swan Princess had a field trip to Dinosaur Park, one hour and a half away from home, and I decided to go with her class. At least I didn’t have to drive because I rode with two other moms. We arrived home totally exhausted, and as I was planning on just vegetating for about an hour before we had to go for dance recital, I got a message from one of my clients who needed a translation right away. I love having a challenge, seeing what I can do, how much I can stretch myself. Besides, I love having my own money to do whatever I want with it, which is usually buying books for me and clothes for the kids. But father’s day is coming up, and there is something weird about buying a present for dad with the money he makes. I know, we’ve always believed that money, no matter whose name is on the check, belongs to the whole family. Still, I love having my own!
So instead of taking a nap, I did my job, and after taking a lightening fast shower and getting Swan ready for her recital, Gorgeous Boy, Swan and I left.
I loved spending time with only my oldest son, laughing because the three-year-old bumblebees looked so adorable doing their number, and waving like crazy when we saw Pepperminty Swan. On the way back, I got them food from Wendy’s even though it was already 10 0’clock and it was Wendy’s. The children were happy; they knew it was a special occasion . At home my babies were asleep and my mom looked OK, like she had survived a wreck but still OK. She left, smiling of course, the second I got home.
My Gorgeous Boy wrapped his little tooth which had fallen off on Tuesday, and he asked me if he could put it under his pillow. Due to a little incident, he hadn’t been able to the night the tooth fell off. So I said “Yes, of course my love!” and I already knew how much money he would get and how happy he would be the next day, but this morning when he got up I saw the light on his face dim and go out. He handed me his tooth fairy box which still contained his tiny baby tooth, one of the last baby teeth he has left. I didn’t know what to say … I just looked at him, and he must have seen something like guilt in my eyes because he came to me and hugged me and said, “It will be OK mom.”
I hurriedly told him not to worry, that it had once happened that the tooth fairy hadn’t taken my tooth, and that tonight we would invite the fairy in case he had been busy and not realized he had a job to do at home.
Now, as I write this I realize why and how children find out about about Santa Claus, and the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny. Adults get sloppy; we don’t cover our tracks and we show our emotions too readily on our faces. I also realized that usually Jeff plays tooth fairy, and that made me sad, for Gorgeous, and Jeff and me.
Tonight I won’t forget; I’ll even ask Jeff to call me and remind me. Maybe the tooth fairy will come for real and do his job, the little slacker.

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3 responses to “The Tooth Fairy Didn’t Come”

  1. Crystal says:

    Awww, you know the tooth fairy comes the day the tooth falls out, after that he can forget cause then every night he’ll be sitting waiting for the night the little girl will put it under her pillow and he’s a very busy tooth fairy that can’t be kept waiting (at least this is what my mom said when I tried to keep my tooth to put under the pillow at a later date). 🙂

  2. HOW SWEET! The story, the cute nicknames you give your kids, and what a great mother you are. So glad to have met you through our new group.

  3. Hey!! I hope the fairy knows that she has too much going on juggling with things and even without Mr. fairy home she is doing a wonderful job!

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